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Smith and Winston

Explore and Destroy in this fun adventure, with twin stick combat and full level destruction · By Execution Unit, MetalDazza, Charlie


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Update #6 - New Levels, Shield is Live and a Rejig.
All of this is live now so update Smith and Winston! Story and Arcade Merged If you’ve been following along you’ll know that originally there were two game...
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Micro Update #5 - Holodeck lessons
Another quick update with some bug fixes and a new BETA area for your feedback. Hollow Holo We hear you and agree we're really not happy with the way we use Shi...
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Update #4 Release - Chopper Boss of DOOM
We've released a new update to Smith and Wintston! This is mainly a metric ton of tweaks to the first half of the game to make it more balanced and more fun to...
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Bug/Tweak patch to Update #3 available today
New Features: Camera shake can be adjusted in Options > Game > Camera Shake Controller rumble can be adjusted in Options > Game > Rumble Added three custom mous...
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Small Patch to Update #3
Today we released a 4. 3MB patch to Smith and Winston on and Steam fixing a few small issues that have been reported by players and one we noticed in a...
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We're in Steam Early Access now
Smith and Winston is available on Steam now. It's in Early Access here . So if you've been waiting for Steam IT'S HERE GOT FOR IT. If you've bought Smith and Wi...
Update #3 Released
Today we released the third update to Smith and Winston (only two more to go before it's finished!). I'll cover the new levels, bugfixes, tweaks and the future...
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Update #2 Released - New levels, bug fixes, sound design and MORE
Earlier than promised (by only a day) we've released the second update to Smith and Winston. Of course we're really excited to hear what you guys think of the n...
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