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Smith and Winston

Explore and Destroy in this fun adventure, with twin stick combat and full level destruction · By Execution Unit, MetalDazza, Charlie


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Wibble 1.0.1 release
Hey itch! Did we tell you that we've released the full version of the game! Hell no, well we have and we've even gone as far as to fix one or two of the bugs we...
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Just one more thing...
So we forgot to update itch about the last build... last week we released the final beta of the game. The game is complete apart from a few bug fixes that will...
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Develop: Brighton 2019 Indie Showcase
We are pretty chuffed to announce that Smith and Winston has been selected for the Indie Game Showcase at Develop: Brighton 2019 here in the UK . Develop is an...
Power Cubes, Shippy, New Levels, More Debris and much more - Update #10
ate #10 is up on Steam and NOW ! Don’t delay, buy it or wish list it… what’s the worst that could happen! New levels to explore Spynall Tapp Where...
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Update #9 - Coop Save, Buddy mode and more.
Save the coop We’ve turned on save games for coop. So now you can officially continue a coop game you’ve been playing with your buddy. Coop rebirth If one o...
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Update #8 - Coop, shattering and more!
We've just uploaded a new version of Smith and Winston with a cornucopia of new features, updates and bug fixes. While it's downloading why not read this lovely...
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Update #6 - New Levels, Shield is Live and a Rejig.
All of this is live now so update Smith and Winston! Story and Arcade Merged If you’ve been following along you’ll know that originally there were two game...
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Micro Update #5 - Holodeck lessons
Another quick update with some bug fixes and a new BETA area for your feedback. Hollow Holo We hear you and agree we're really not happy with the way we use Shi...
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