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So we forgot to update itch about the last build... last week we released the final beta of the game. The game is complete apart from a few bug fixes that will obviously crop up (see below). So yay! It's nearly done.

We discovered a pretty weird and quite delightful bug in macOS builds using Metal as the renderer yesterday. It happens on all builds (Windows, Linux and macOS) with all renderers (OpenGL, DX11 and DX12) but Metal looked the best:

This bug appeared in macOS builds using Metal as the renderer. Reminded me of old CGA color adapters. It's fixed in todays release.

If you remember the old days with four color CGA graphics adapters then this is pretty nostalgic :)

For the technically inquisitive: This happened when the engine only gave the shaders 7 lights instead of the mandatory eight and only happened on very rare occasions. So the eighth light in the scene has some other random settings for it's position, color, brightness etc.

We also fixed a bug where we rendered very expensive particle systems when they were offscreen... so yeah, this will help people who were dropping frame rates a little.

Have fun exploring and destroying and we hope your summer holidays are going great.



smith-and-winston-linux-beta.zip 187 MB
Version 25 Aug 08, 2019
smith-and-winston-windows-beta.zip 185 MB
Version 25 Aug 08, 2019
smith-and-winston-osx-beta.zip 188 MB
Version 23 Aug 08, 2019

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Very Cool man :D


cheers! We think it's pretty cool :)