One week until update #1

New Stuff

We're working hard on the next release for Smith and Winston. With the initial release we promised an "Update #1" on November the 2nd and we're on track to deliver.

The next release includes levels called Swamp of the Reanimated, Deep, Bunker Boss and Candy. Hardcore gamers amongst you may be able to tell one of those levels is a boss level!

Swamp of the Reanimated - It's a swamp but it gets hot later.

Candy - it looks like it's made of sweets! My eyes are burning.

Looking Forward

As well as working toward Update #1 we're also looking far forward to Update #4 which will include Coop game play.

Coop game play coming in Update #4 (approx Feb '19)

Coop is already great fun just because you can throw a grenade and destroy the floor your partner is standing on, watch them fall to their doom and the proclaim it was an accident!

Coop includes a special buddy mode.In buddy mode player 2 can't die from being shot. So you can hand the second half broken, sticky, mutant controller to your kid or younger brother and play the game with them. It's great fun and  what gaming is all about as far as we're concerned. Of course you can still accidentally destroy the floor out from beneath them... for science or brotherly love :)

It should also be obvious that there are a lot of parents that will be playing as buddy to their far more capable child!

Bug Fixes

As well as adding these new levels for everyone to play we've fixed a  number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs via email, twitter,, reddit and to our faces in meat space. Here are a few other little feature requests that will be in this update:

  • Change weapon with the mouse wheel
  • Reset controller settings and keyboard settings to default
  • Pause menu has an option to return to game (you don't have to press escape or 'start' again)
  • Grave markers no longer pop up some text or appear floating in the middle of nowhere if you die by falling off the world
  • Cleaner font for the menus
  • Better glyphs for the controller icons (X, Square etc)
  • Option to turn off or lower the volume of shippy, poor shippy, so annoying.
  • High score table!
  • LAVA, well there is a level with lava, every game needs a lava level.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing and remember to buy now because the price is gonna go up to $7.99 once Update #1 is out!

have a great week


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